Dream Big. Dare to Fail. Do it Now. There is no try.

"Quit or be Exceptional"

Average is for Losers" - Seth Godin

Life is short and you're only young once.

This is your chance to do something epic. Something crazy. Something to tell your grandchildren about.

But like the tree that falls in the woods, if no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Do big things but make sure that you are discoverable.

Here are some ideas for you


is a public Trello Board of FREE Inbound marketing resources and strategies. Giving away our secrets goes against everything we are taught. However, building trust, credibility and authentic connections is the best thing that one can do today.

Show the world that you're one step ahead. Give away your secrets.


My latest project is one in Visible Learning - documenting my own self-directed learning journeys in web and graphic design using a new tool Dropmark. Check it out!


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